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They are pursued by members of Charlie Companys 2nd Platoon who are on their way back from Binh Tay. rammstein shop discount code. In an official report regarding the My Lai operation, Lieutenant Colonel Barker concludes the assault was successful: "This operation was well planned, well executed, and successful. For more information about the U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence visit, 187th Medical Battalion commanders repeat history, As the incoming Commander of the 187th Medical Battalion, Lt. Col. Sean Riley, right, addresses the audience and Soldiers during the 187th MED BN change of command ceremony held at the Fort Sam Houston Post Theater, on Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, Texas, June 21, 2022. Behind the 187th lay 167 years of Army Engineer History and Tradition. A Vietnamese village chief reports to the leader of the Son Tinh District that 570 civilians have been killed and 90% of Son My village has been destroyed, including homes, animals and property. The Story of the 187th actually began long before October 15, 1943, when the unit was activated. As they move into My Lai the men shoot many fleeing Vietnamese and bayonet others. 11:15AM Medical Reynolds Army Health Clinic (RAHC) Comanche County . we all attended a US Marine Guard reception on the occasion of the 187th birthday of the US Marine Corps. I really hope some other people can find this service and get in touch with people like I did. This intelligence will later prove faulty at best. U.S. Shortly after midnight, the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese army launches the Tet Offensive against South Vietnam, attacking 36 of 44 provincial capitals. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Your C Co 187 patches are 4" tall, and 100% embroidered with Velcro backing. He writes a letter presenting the evidence of a massacre at My Lai. He presents what was incontrovertibly known about the My Lai massacre and announces the appointment of Lieutenant General Peers to lead the inquiry. The 187th Battalion was an infantry battalion of clone troopers that served under the command of Jedi General Mace Windu. Are you looking for someone who is or was in CHARLIE CO. 187TH MEDICAL BATTALION? The CID is led by Chief Warrant Officer Andr Feher. President Nixon speaks for the first time about the My Lai investigation, acknowledging that it appears a massacre took place, but stating his confidence that it was an isolated incident. A good friend who was a medical student, Elly Abad, and his family, offered . Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Sergeant Major of the Army, Command Sergeant Major of Medical Command, Command Sergeant Major of ADMEDD C&S and more. CSM Colon has served in a variety of assignments which include NCOIC, Troop Medical Clinic, Fort Benning, Georgia; Battalion Aid station NCOIC, HHB 5-5 Air Defense Artillery Regiment; Camp Sears, Korea; Platoon Sergeant, 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery, Fort Stewart, Georgia; Department of Specialty Care and Operation NCO, USA MEDDAC Fort Eustis, Virginia; Medical NCOIC, United Stated Military Entrance Processing Command, Beckley, West Virginia; Senior Career Advisor, Enlisted Personnel Proponent Directorate; JBSA Fort Sam Houston, Texas, First Sergeant, A Co 232d Medical Battalion, JBSA Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Operation NCO, AMEDD Personnel Proponent Directorate, JBSA Fort Sam Houston, Texas; G3 Current Operation CSM, 18th MEDCOM (DS), Fort Shafter Flats, Hawaii Chief Medical NCO for 101st Airborne Division Air Assault, Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Command Sergeant Major, 187th Medical Battalion, Joint Base San Antonio, TX. A fire squad is left guarding the people in the ditch, a number that has grown to about 50. Colonel Barker and Captain Michles (the Captain of Bravo Company) are killed in an aircraft accident. The day before his scheduled discharge from the Army, Lieutenant Calley is charged with six counts of premeditated murder. NBC Correspondent Robert Goralski states during an evening broadcast five days later that Lieutenant Calley "has been accused of premeditated murder of a number of South Vietnamese civilians. Within hours of arriving at landing zone Dottie, Henderson briefly interrogates Captain Medina, who in turn instructs his troops to stay silent about the mission. April 20, 1968 You have the demeanor, the intelligence, and ability to do exceptionally well as the 187th Medical Battalion commander, said Segui. Later investigations will reveal estimates between 347 to 507 civilian casualties. Charlie Battery | 1-40th Field Artillery Battalion 434th Field Artillery Brigade. Returning from Vietnam, Peers expands his team to accommodate multiple simultaneous interviews. Ron Ridenhour gets testimony from Private Michael Bernhardt, who had refused to take part in the massacre at My Lai. Command Sergeant Major Gilberto Colon was born in Bronx, New York. The perpetrators of My Lai were C Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry, 11th Infantry Brigade. charlie company 187th medical battalion. After completing Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood he was assigned to 1st Battalion 87th Medical Company where he completed his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) as a 91EN5 (Dental Laboratory Specialist). Peers, a well-respected core commander in Vietnam, is ordered to examine the adequacy of inquiries into the My Lai massacre. The semi-annual rosters (i.e., April and October) for 1960-74 for Army units are attached to the morning reports of the respective units. 1397JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234, NCOA Academy Operations-O: 210-221-3406-BB: 210-241-7368, Senior Leaders Course (SLC)-SLC Operations: 210-607-0335-SLC Senior SGL: 210-607-1653, Advanced Leaders Course (ALC)-ALC Operations: 210-607-9491-ALC Senior SGL: 210-347-1653, Distributed Learning (DL)-DL Operations: 210-221-5114-DL Senior SGL: 210-808-1222, Directorate, Communications(210) 221-85803630 Stanley Rd, Suite 301JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX, Public Affairs Office (210) 221-6498/8580Executive Services/Protocol(210) 221-8294/8472/6803Marketing(210) 221-8384/6677/3300, Borden, AMEDD Journal(210) 221-6301 | DSN: 471-63012377 Greeley Rd StreetJBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234, Medical Capabilities Development Integration Directorate (CDID)(210) 221-8600 | DSN: 471-86002377 Greeley Rd, Bldg 4011JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX, AMEDD Personnel Proponent Directorate (APPD)(210) 221-9936 | DSN: 471-99362377 Greeley Road, Suite AJBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234, Directorate of Training and Doctrine (DoTD)(210) 221-8715 | DSN: 471-87153630 Stanley Rd, Suite 215JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX, Lessons Learned:, Doctrine:, Individual training:, Collective Training:, Learning Technology Division:, MEDVID TV:, Registrar Services(210), Inspector (210) 221-1461, U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence WebmasterMEDCoE Webmaster. Thanks for making it possible, Thanks so much for your help and genuine concern for locating this long lost buddy of mine, Please Enter a Valid email address with no spaces, VetFriends Members: COL Marc R. Welde was born in Spain in 1976, lived in Germany for the first 12 years of his life, and now calls Ogden, Utah his hometown. 7:50AM . The first element of helicopters lands in the paddy fields outside the village. Brigadier General George Young, Colonel Henderson, Lieutenant Colonel Barker, Major Watke and Lieutenant Colonel Holladay hold a crisis meeting in a van at landing zone Dottie. You will report directly to the Brigade Senior Drill Sergeant office. 10:00AM Bill was the medical platoon leader and our medics were assigned to the medical platoon, even though they spent time in the field with the rifle companies. It was a wonderful moment that we will both remember for the rest of our lives, and we owe it to VetFriends. Barker and Captain Eugene Kotouc tell the troops that any Vietnamese civilians will have left for the markets in Quang Ngai City by the time the attack is scheduled to begin at 7:30am. 5:00PM If we had more, please let me know. After advanced training at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, a group of soldiers known as Charlie Company, departs for Vietnam's Quang Ngai province. If you have questions about Army Medicine (MEDCOM), Defense Health Agency, or medical records please visit the websites listed below: U.S. Army Medical Command, Defense Health Agency, Military Health Records, For servicing transcripts and diploma requests, records management, and college credit equivalency information contact the Registrar`s Office, Official military transcripts for education evaluation can be requested at:, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 221-7380 | DSN: 471-73803630 Stanley Rd, Suite 266JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234, U.S. Army Medical Center of ExcellenceCommand Office(210) 221-83173630 Stanley Rd, Suite 301JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234, U.S. Army Medical Center of ExcellenceStaff Duty(210) 221-7681/BB (210) 669-7067Monday-Friday: 1500 hrs. googletag.cmd = googletag.cmd || []; December 1, 1967:Charlie Company Heads to Vietnam. He reclassified into a 91W (Healthcare Specialist), where he completed his medical training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Relive & share the memories of your service time with your brothers & sisters in arms today. June 1968 The public information office issues a press release stating Calley was being retained because of an ongoing investigation. Walking at point, Private First Class Paul Meadlo steps on an enemy mine and blows his foot off. Apr 2012 - May 2014 2 years 2 months. I recall that the medics for Charlie Company, when I was there, were Bud, Charlie, Ray and Rex. Do you have CHARLIE CO. 187TH MEDICAL BATTALION Reunion information you'd like to share, "When I Joined VetFriends, I read about the email locator service, and sent an email to my old friend. So now we know" the rest of the story .". Detective Feher travels to Vietnam for further inquiries. Required fields are marked *. Draft board members resign, veterans turn in their medals, and the "Free Calley" movement is born. Because of a two-year statute of limitations on military offenses, the army has only two days to press charges. 10:00AM Resor also presents Photographer Sergeant Ron Haeberle's photos from that day. Regimental Drinking Cup for 3/187th Infantry Camp Evans, Vietnam 1971. After a trial that included testimony from 106 witnesses, Colonel Henderson is acquitted of all charges. An elderly woman is spotted running down a path with an unexploded M79 grenade lodged in her stomach. One of these sharks is led by Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson. According to Peers, Koster is the beneficiary of a whitewash, and his only reprimand comes in the form of a reduction in rank. After completing the AMEDD Officer Basic Course, he was assigned as the Medical Platoon Leader in the 1-506th Infantry Battalion (AASLT), 2ID, in the Republic of Korea. The platoon leaders give him an estimate of enemy casualties: 90 killed. ), Any other pertinent training certificates (Combatives, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, etc. During the conversation, some command group members stray off and kill several wounded Vietnamese. It is reported that 300-500 Vietnamese civilians are fleeing southwest towards Quang Ngai City. Login; Register; caaspp practice test 11th grade pdf. The link below is to contact the U.S. Army Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE). (U.S. Army photo by Lauren Padden), Col. Marc Welde, commander of the 32d Medical Brigade, right, passes the unit colors to Lt. Col. Sean Riley, the incoming commander of the 187th Medical Battalion, left, during the 187th MED BN change of command ceremony held at Fort Sam Houston Post Theater, on Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, Texas, June 21, 2022. "Train to Save" is the 187th Medical Battalion's motto. These soldiers then round up more civilians from inside the village and move them to a ditch. According to Lieutenant Colonel Barker, however, the message he gets is "eight or nine dinks with web gear" have been wounded south of My Lai, and he directs Captain Medina to recover the equipment. However, Lieutenant Colonel Barker carries through the investigation, despite his own task force being the subject of the investigation. Expectations: As a Drill Sergeant in the 32d Medical Brigade, your minimum responsibilities will include, but are not limited to the following: Reporting Instructions: Report to BLDG 902, Harney Road, JBSA FSH, TX 78234. The General of the U.S. Army, W.C. Westmoreland, issues a directive for an investigation into the My Lai incident, and appoints Lieutenant General William R. Peers to lead the inquiry. Barker's investigation concurs with that of Henderson. Thanks VetFriends, It was a wonderful moment that we will both remember for the rest of our lives, and we owe it to VetFriends. Empty cart. matthew casey girlfriend; where is the ukrainian air force operating from; hope college lacrosse roster Army Officers: While assigned to the Army-Baylor Program during the didactic year, Army officers are assigned to Bravo Company, 187th Medical Battalion. (Enter your ZIP code for information on American Experience events and screening in your area.). Upon completion of high school he attended the University of Turabo, Gurabo Puerto Rico. Captain Medina radios the operations center and reports 15 Vietcong have been killed. 187th Field Artillery Observation Battalion 189th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm) . Topics: bagram airfield, c 17 . Captain Medina and the other commanders are briefed about increased intelligence that points to a small group of villages called My Lai as the haven for the 48th Vietcong Battalion. After seeing the destruction to both property and civilians inside of the village, Captain Medina radios Lieutenant Brooks of the 2nd Platoon to stop the killing. Also a trained anthropologist, Hurston collected folklore throughout the South and Caribbean reclaiming, honoring and celebrating Black life on its own terms. 2791. This is my grandfather's unit, detailed in my book Longshore Soldiers. Captain Medina reports to Lieutenant Colonel Barker that 84 enemy have been killed. The unit was equipped with standard Phase II clone trooper armor with maroon markings. A U.S. December 3, 1967 Echoing the report from March 28, the chief of Son My submits a report to Vietcong officials, alleging that on March 16 a U.S. Army unit had killed more than 400 civilian residents of Son My Village and 90 more in Co Luy (My Khe) Village. 9:00AM In one of the first documented instances of outright aggression, frustrated and angry members of Charlie Company lash out while passing through a Vietnamese village on their return to camp, troops shoot and kill a woman civilian working in a field. Download Image of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion 187th Infantry Regiment. Lieutenant Calley's sentence is further reduced from 20 years to 10 years. } Add to Cart Section 889 Certification Form . Brigadier General Young reports to Major Samuel Koster, who suggests that Colonel Henderson conduct a thorough investigation. He also holds a master`s degree in Human Resources from Chapman University.

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