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2021 Pedal Pros, LLC. Our hours are 8 am - 5:00 pm CDT Monday - Friday. Somewhere in my past life I drove a Dodge Omni for AI (artificial cattle insemination service) and rarely had difficulty getting to the farms. Air Con Kit. Jeep manufactures a small amount of right-hand drive (RHD) Jeeps for rural postal workers around the country and the rare car enthusiast. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. With our kits there is no welding, bending and force fitting. Upgrade your XJ to 1 ton steering ( from RuffStuff or Currie Enterprises) Consider Jeep XJ frame stiffeners for the unibody. Ford F-150 Conversions. The new wranglers are overall cheaply made and the trannies don't hold up - as they keep adding gears to the trannies so the parts get smaller and are not heavy duty enough for a route. With over 100 cubic feet of cargo room, the Minivan may be the answer to large volume mail routes. RHD Cherokee parts are out there, and alot more expensive than LHD ones. Sportages are GREAT on gas! Dec 7, 2008. Building A Very Cheap E Bike With Hoverboard Motor Easy Conversion, Trask Performance compatible with TM-2903 530 Chain Drive Conversion Kit 51T, HardDrive Cush Drive Chain Conversion Kit Black 201409, HardDrive Cush Drive Chain Conversion Kit Chrome 201408, Bafang Mid Drive BBS02 48v 750w ebike kit With P750c display + Gear Sensor, eu-tsdz2-48v500w-750w-central-mid-drive-motor-ebike-kit-throttle-e-brake-lever, tsdz2-48v500w-750w-central-mid-drive-motor-ebike-kit-throttle-e-brake-lever, uk-tsdz2-48v500w-750w-central-mid-drive-motor-ebike-kit-throttle-e-brake-lever, https://driveconversionkit com/2019/06/19/rear-wheel-drive-conversion-kit-vw-engine-to-ford-type-9/, https://driveconversionkit com/2021/12/05/48v1000w-bafang-bbshd-mid-drive-motor-ebike-conversion-kits-diy-120mm-46t-dpc18/, https://driveconversionkit com/2019/08/07/180mm-wide-tire-conversion-kit-fbi-fat-baggers-belt-drive-pulley-harley-2000-03/, https://driveconversionkit com/2021/11/06/postal-carrier-drivers-ed-right-hand-drive-pedal-conversion-kit-gas-and-brake-5/, https://driveconversionkit com/2020/01/25/24-24v-250w-e-bike-conversion-kit-elektrofahrrad-umbausatz-hinterradvorderrad/, https://driveconversionkit com/category/right/. For the best quality and years of service, we use superior quality, heavy-duty cables. Offering pedals only or full conversions (pedals and steering) for most vehicles. For extended access, both the accelerator and brake linkeages can be removed while the mounting plate remains securely in place. i rebuilt the motor at 200k and put a new tranny in it last year. The '67 and '68 dashes are easier to convert than '69s, due to the symmetry of the dash layout. Regardless, you'll end up with a completely transformed Jeep that has the power it deserves. Postal workers on rural routes have to use their own vehicles for delivering mail, so they either have the option of converting their left-hand drive (LHD) vehicle or buying a factory-made RHD vehicle. The conversion kit is the electric motor, battery and gearbox from the VW e-Up! The Kia Sportage may be the car for you! By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Privacy Policy. 13/32" or 3/8" Drill Bit: Brake pedal bracket mounting. We have seen, more and more, requests for conversions kits or customers asking us to convert vehicles from RHD to LHD. In-house conversions installed by us are $2400.00, plus tax. What qualifies though? one area where he mentioned many people who do conversions down there cheap out on is the wiper assembly. Well good news we can convert Subaru Foresters, Legacys, and Outbacks! To play it safe, however, check your local laws and even with your insurance companies to see if you are able to complete a conversion without any repercussions. The Chevrolet Corvette is currently only available for purchase at one dealership in all of the United Kingdom, so this is great news for them, but the conversion requires removal of the entire body of the . Even better than the last new RHD Wrangler unlimited I ordered. SECTION B. RIGHT-HAND DRIVE VEHICLES - CONVERSIONS In further recognition of the value of rural carriers operating right-hand drive vehicles on rural routes, the parties agree that during the term of the 2006 National Agreement, qualifying car- riers who convert a vehicle to a right-hand drive configuration, will receive a one-time incen- tive payment of $500 for utilizing the vehicle in an . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Some Chrysler vans are also available in AWD (all-wheel-drive). Free returns. I haven't had much to do with late model conversions but I'm sure Steve or Jim at Mustangs of Melbourne if they cant help you would point you in the right direction (Steve is president of MOCA) Frank. DIY RHD Conversion Pics. The Rundown. Our Hours: RHD USA. Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm. Replace the dinky stock aluminum steering box spacer with a steel one ( from JcrOffroad) Add a steering box brace ( from M.O.R.E.) This is a true "turn key" kit. (800) 992-7007 | (530) 886-0771. Loveso Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Handicap Driving Hand Controls Driver Aid Equipment/Brake Pedals Assist High-end Device Kit with Steering Wheel Spinners, QuicStick Hand Controls Disabled Driving Handicap Aid Equipment For Permanent Or Temporary Disability. If you needed a car for postal work, for example, you may be better off exploring the local classifieds, such as Craigslist or, to see if any cars, which were already converted, are up for sale. Please select your car model from below to see specific application information, or click the Add to Cart button to make your purchase. However, as of September 2020, the company is not currently offering conversions on the new 2020 Ford Transit because they need to update their 44 conversion kit to match the latest Transit design. rob mayes 90210 hanen parent handouts diy rhd conversion kit. More. Call us today for immediate shipment. MP Brakes has four different conversion kits for 65 Mustangs. Pedal Pros, LLC | Charleston, Tennessee Order your Conversion Kit - LHD to RHD - RR1279 Fast, worldwide delivery British car experts PayPal & other payment options , Out of stock, expected soon Apr 28, 2023. Do you have a Subaru you want converted? Proprietary Design For OpenWheeler Gen3 Racing And Flight Sim Cockpits, NA Rotary Universal Steering System Complete with 12FT Steering Cable M66 & Steering Wheel T85 Kit, Black, AMM Able Motion Mobility Left Foot Gas Accelerator Pedal LFA 2.0 from for Left Foot to Control The vehicle's Acceleration, Portable Car Hand Controls Device, Handicap Driving Hand Controlled Drive Assist for Injured, Handicap, Disabled Drivers, Cars Driving Aids, Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers, Handicap Driving Hand Controls Adjustable Aid Equipment, Car Handicap Vehicle Hand Controls/Brake Pedals Assist High-end Device Kit with Steering Wheel Spinners, CANALHOUT Handicap Driving Hand Controls,Car Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers,Car Pedal Assist Controls,Left or Right Hand Both Available,Length Adjustable,Double Insurance, MIKODA 103974821 Accelerator Pedal Assembly with Conversion Kit, Compatible with Golf Cart Precedent Electric 2004-Up, 1st and 2nd Gen, Replace 102500001, Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers Handicap Driving Hand Controls Driver Aid Equipment/Brake Pedals Assist High-end Device Kit with Steering Wheel Spinners (hand control for disabled drivers black), DriFeez Left Foot Accelerator Gas Pedal Portable LFGP Drive Assist for Handicap Disabled Injured Stroke Drivers, Rainbow Ann MCOR 4 Conversion Throttle Potentiometer AM293101 Fits Club Car DS/Carryall, kashaipu Hand Controls Driving Cars Feet Disabled Handicap Driver Aid Equipment Handle Gear Style Control Gas/Brake Pedals Assist High-end Device Kit, kashaipu Hand Controls Driving Car Feet Disabled Handicap Aid Equipment Handle Driver Help Gas/Brake Pedals Assist Device Kit, Ram Promaster LED Headlight Kit & Accessories, Golf Cart MCOR Potentiometer for Club Car, Automotive Replacement Self-Leveling Suspension Units. Preferably an official source. My suggestion would be to skip the RHD conversion, and buy a wrangler rhd that is a couple of years old, and just make it your daily driver instead of having an extra car you have to pay tags and ins on. Manual transmission JL/JT conversion kits now available! so i ordered a jdm front clip with rhd conversion. i am thinking of buying a lhd triumph tr6 which has been imported from the states.i believe i can buy a conversion kit for about 1000. I drove a patriot, grand caravan, ford transit, and chevy express. 1-MONTH WARRANTY FULLY SERVICED. im going to go through the whole conversion fro removing the dash swapping out firewalls and making the oem . Vantastic Mobility's kit even includes an extension lever to make using the turn signal from the right side easier. This 13 minute video is a general overview of the pedal kit installation process. Lhd Conversion Kits Rhd (73 products available) 1/6 Cheap Xenplus Car HID Light Conversion Kit Auto headlight LHD/RHD 3.0inch 35W Q5 hid bixenon projector headlight $7.90 / piece 2.0 pieces (Min Order) CN Guangzhou Miaoliang Electronics Co., Ltd. 11YRS 4.9 (71) | "great company" Contact Supplier 1/6 Only $40 if added to any DIY Pedal Kit or $55 if ordered separately. Posted 5 days ago. Vorshlag E46 T56 Transmission Crossmember Kit $ 379.00. We do not use bicycle chains, cables or hydraulics that often fail or need replacement. The RHD conversion for 2010-2015 Camaro starts at $42k. It is likely to be nearly immpossible to find but you never know. Got a tip? This is a true "turn key" kit. The PEDAL PROS brake and accelerator system is compact and designed to have minimal impact to your vehicle's interior. Step two: Best Budget: BAFANG 48V 500W Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits at Amazon. gpo box 594 canberra act 2601. telephone 02 6274 7500 facsimile 02 6274 7714. Do you mean the conversion where the belt runs across? 9/16", 11/16", 3/4", 7/8" Wrenches or adjustable wrenches. Step one: Obviously, the vehicle must first be stripped so that the technicians are able to get to everything that must be accessed. Regular vehicles like Jeeps and Subarus are a pretty common sight on rural mail routes thanks to their bad-weather capabilities. Oct 12, 2007. Tires typically add 0.5-1 (12mm-25mm) to that for a total height increase of 2.5-4 (62mm-100mm). SAFEDRIVE Pro Plus Right Hand Drive Conversion, RHD Control, Postal Carrier Right Side Drive, RHD Brake and Gas Pedal 3.1 (3) $68995 FREE delivery Mar 7 - 9 Or fastest delivery Mar 6 - 7 Small Business NHTSA guidelines and meet the strict standards. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Vantastic Mobility's kit even. 2021 Pedal Pros, LLC. Brake cables are tested to withstand more than 1000lbs pull force and like our pedal kit, they're made right here in the US. Home. *Also available are our seat setback kits for the taller carriers that need additional leg room. The vehicle can be driven from either side - nice for 'normal' use. The total right hand drive conversion processes involves many major changes. Rockmart, Georgia. You have basically two choices: Conversion DIY Taking a LHD car built for the US and converting it is a pretty popular option. The cost of a right-hand drive conversion kit will depend on a few factors, including the kit you purchase, the professional you hire if you do decide to hire one and the vehicle you drive. diy rhd conversion kitfeathered friend questions and answers. We also have a direct agent in the UK to make everything easy including the IV . We can engineer this combo to comply for Australian roads and offer support if you are the DIY builder and wish to use out swap . RHD -WE DELIVER- 4CYLINDER GASOLINE 2004 SUBARU FORESTER AWD 4X4. Please call if you have any questions. The caravan has stow away for the rear seats and the transit is just an open cargo area. You are using an out of date browser. We also provide a drive out assembly service. . I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on them. Canadian Customers: Please Call 1-800-949-5587 Fortunately, companies have developed a delightfully simple workaround to convert a left-hand-drive car to a mail-side-drive one using a giant pulley and a spare set of pedals. Of course the Americans suggest that the right side is the right side, and if two wrongs don't make a right, what do two rights make? HARDDRIVE Cush Drive Chain Conversion Kit Chrome 201407 Bafang Mid Drive BBS02 48v 750w ebike kit With 500c display Feuling 7215 Chain Drive Conversion kit Fat Electric Bike Conversion Kit Hub Motor 48V Snow Wheel fit 4.0 Tyre 1500W Archives Categories free front frontrear fuel gadget gearbox geared genius genuine go-e gold golf gospade harddrive Any way, you might look into a JDM/ EDM dash and steering rack. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 97 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 auto, lift ,winch,33's etc. Japan Partner always listens to you, the customer, for what you want and need most. Many parts are not in the same place and can only be replaced with rhd parts. The frame supporting the entire dashboard must be modified as well as doing it wrong could cause the car to shake excessively with every bump in the road. to be safe and have the most comfort of any conversion kit, on the market. If so no no no. Solutions include lift kits, sway bar disconnects, HD track bars, shocks, coil-overs, upper and lower control arms, adjustable spring spacers, spring mounts, bump stops, and more. Vans have an unbelievable amount of cargo. Do-It-Yourself Kit: $2025.00 including shippingIn-house Conversions installed by us are $2400.00, plus tax (location: Cleveland, TN). Vehicles / Tennessee / 8 views / Featured. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. We are proud to offer D.I.Y. CLICK TO LEARN WHY OUR CABLE SYSTEM IS THE WAY TO GO. MON, how were you able to get your seat adjusted higher? diy rhd conversion kit. Home; About WPC. whrdnsx. Condition: New New. When your pov breaks down, do you have someone else who will lend you one, a backup, or a car to cross drive? I put it in my 2000 Ford Ranger works great and can sit in the passenger seat comfortably. Free shipping. Where can I find information on this subject? Located in Cleveland, Tennessee. Almost all of them are Jeep Wranglers, designed for rural postal workers. Youre seeing this ad based on the products relevance to your search query. Can you imagine hitting the brakes hard for a deer and if anything got in that belt ? Refer to the video below to get a sense as to how the process would work: (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); Advertising Disclosure: This content may include referral links. right hand drive conversion kits for the following vehicles. Conversion Kits: $2,000 +shipping ($50-$150, depending on location) Canadian customers please call for quote. While I wouldn't particularly want to take one on a race track, that's fine. In a factory rhd jeep it isn't just that the steering wheel that is different . Any sources for RHD conversion kits or experienced DIY references?

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