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Traditional colour of Persia has always been Blue, not Green. Thanks for the explanation, but that's really strange, because I've found the event in this video. Would an uncool person be giving Vera 50 Monster Dollars? Not sure. This is the ultimate Guide for all Ck3 achievements!!! Abduct the teacher and force-feed him anime. They dont exist yet, so they cant possibly become popular! But I'm not gonna take issue with localisation in events that are good. Age 15: Witch conversion event from the guardian. So just because the vending machine is a machine Have you TOLD Vendronica that you only want to be friends? And I think we just have to accept that. Miranda, let's punish your serf in a different way. Interactive corporate website. The base weight for each of them getting picked by the game is 100, except for event 6 and 8 containing the Chaste/Lustful options, which have a weight of 300, and can only be triggered when the child is aged 13+. Make everyone who doesn't love you disappear, Recruit people who want to be bossed around, Dont be silly! The vanilla trigger for giving your ward an university education required you to have all types of universities in a single province. As mentioned, it's still a good idea to have 2 wards at all times, for a chance to receive pet dog/cat from your wards. Yes. It doesn't make it into a joke. . So they could be in other locations or maybe anywhere.). Steam Community :: Guide :: Events and outcomes list (All events + DLC added!) And this isn't merely personal preference. Alternatively, if you're willing to micromanage your primary heir, it's not a bad idea to have the Genius guardian take care of the kid for most of the birthdays, and transfer the kid back to you right before the trait event birthdays. A small mod that adds a decision to reform Anglo-Saxon Paganism if you are an Anglo-Saxon ruler. Solve the ancient enigma of your algebra homework! Ukonusko Overhaul - More Finno-Ugric faiths. You are using an out of date browser. Including black and red. If you've ever played a child, or paid attention to the description of each Personality event as a guardian, you'd realize there are additional events related to guardian, friend, crush, bully, victim (if you're the bully) and pets. changeowner [TAG] [province id] - Change the current owner of [province id] to the TAG specified. Traits are a huge part of how characters tick in Crusader Kings 3. Crusader Kings III is a grand strategy game with RPG elements developed by Paradox Development Studio. Be careful! The weight is a bit more complicated, as it changes depending on if the child already has a friend/crush/bully/victim, and how many of them one already has, but if there's no friend/crush/bully/victim, there's a 50% chance to not trigger anything, 10% to get friend/crush, 5% to get a bully/victim/cat/dog. Uses 14 fonts on the map which dynamically change depending on the rulers culture. Edit: Apparently the computer I pulled the information from is still using 1.0 data, so I'll have to make quite a few edits later today. If you use some kind of way of tracking the events you have already seen you will find them all that way in no time. HOWEVER, in reality, you rarely see AI characters that have 4 traits. Events are the meat of every well-rounded mod; smaller and larger bits of story that can happen to a player during the campaign. The most powerful drug of all is the friends we make along the way! GHOST WINK! Any succesful outcome + Go to prom with Miranda or Scott. Why not resurrect four great artists and ask their opinions? A mod which makes some important notifications like child guardianship alerts instead of being under the issues tab. [player name] knows the correct silverware to use when eating silverware! I challenge you to a Pokeman duel in order to change your mind! Harold may or may not be a scoundrel, but love is alive and well! You must log in or register to reply here. The Romulus Dynasty is the remaining reminder of the fallen empire. At the very least, shouldn't the tone of the options match the exposition? Any succesful outcome + Go to prom with Miranda, I will build a monument to you, your highness, Okay, you go as a sexy tax attorney. Go to that most authoritative of all resources-- WikiHow! You are looking for a game that serves as the opium of the people, Very convincing progaganda in favor of royalty, The assassin's grandma, in order to scold him about committing regicide, Starting a disucssion on the history and development of jazz, Convince the proprietors that you're a time traveler from the future, Explain some people have a hard time putting their emotions into words, Pin a ribbon on the potato sack that says, 'I'm proud of you, Scott. Better Bactria adds more depth to the Form Bactria Decision. Ultimately, it depends on what you value more, a higher chance for better education level which leads to higher Lifestyle EXP, or a higher chance for more desirable Personality traits. If you want to become a contributor please register and check out the work needed page. YOU CAN FIND IT HERE: This mod adds 36 bardcore cover songs for you to listen to in CK3 with a definite possibility for more. Events like that are exactly what I meant when I mentioned that event options are often written as witty punch lines. Dev diary #116 - Agrarian Research Techniques, Dev diary #113 - Community Choice Event Pack,, Play Involve your highest rank worshippers in a controversial scandal with minors, Send all your most suspicious citizens to an even MORE virtual reality, They have no mindless diversions to distract them, Any succesful outcome + Go to prom with Calculester. MAKE THE TEACHER REMEMBER THE SPIRIT OF THE SIXTIES! tbh i think you can only fail the second and/or third one since i failed first events a lot and i didn't get the ending. I feel like there is a defense of single events while ignoring or downplaying the systemic issues with the way events are written. If you were to shoot [player name], they would NOT be into it! Player Child: You get to pick out any of the 3 options given in each event set. Have you noticed [player name]'s cool haircut? Did you even check to see if your poison is vegan-friendly? It's still entirely up to you between giving your heir(s) to a Genius guardian for better education outcome or educating the heir yourself for better traits. The only exception is Sadist, which has a 1/4 of the normal odds to be picked by the AI, but x9 if the Guardian is a Sadist, or pretty much guaranteed if the kid killed someone and didn't get punished for it. The game was released on PC on 1 September 2020 and on the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 on 29 March 2022. Simple mod that replaces all instances of 'Domain' to 'Demesne' in the localization. Frankly, it is generally dormant/on maintenance mode, as I'm happy with where the Conquest CB now lands. Time to fight for robot rights to use the internet freely, Yell every word that can be a mental trigger, My family, too, possesses many fine estates, Filter everyone through this dangerous magic prism, Its not about the students as individuals, Invite a third wheel to ruin their fusion, Remind Miranda that she should feed on her hosts brain. Table View Card View Let's ask them nicely if they can stop behaving like internet trolls, Let's write a powerful fanfic set on the Dragon Heat wiki, Any succesful? If coke is so wrong, why am I snorting so much of it right here in front of you? You won't have room for all these baby seals, Try the picture fork. After having played both as and against tribals, I was left unsatisfied with their gameplay. Calculester: Auditorium events (Second Term), Frame him by putting some random jewels you stole in his bag, Calculester, theater is about fiction and the suspension of disbelief. When you have gotten all the items of The Gift at least once, you also have a chance at obtaining a 13th item from it, A Date With Valerie. Evil Faith's plot to murder Faith might just be her way of asking for a hug! This Mods adds actual medieval music to the game; Medieval 2: Total War Soundtrack Overhaul. Use the CalArts sorting hat to determine the objective value. If they're not, enlighten me! So now an event gets picked, how does the AI determine what to do, and what can the player influence it? In CK3, when reforming or creating a religion, you have to choose its beliefs, its doctrines. Speak to our highest-ranking officer: COACH! In addition, it limits the changing of succession to male-preference to cultures of Occitan, Basque, Aragonese, and Catalan. ORGY! Each type of event troops has a "maintenance multiplier" between 0 and 1. Guardian - Guardians are basically teachers for children in CKII. Crusader Kings 3 Event ID List Find below a searchable list of all event IDs from CK3 for use with the event console command. Kurthakon the creator of this mod has passed away in real life. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. It just needs to be. Crusader Kings III is a grand strategy role-playing video game set in the Middle Ages, developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive as a sequel to Crusader Kings (2004) and Crusader Kings II (2012). Protect Calculester through the power of a heartfelt speech. NOTE: YOU WILL NEED TO START A NEW GAME FOR THIS TO WORK PROPERLY, Ports on major rivers-More navigable Rivers 2 (DISCONTINUED). Here you will find the biggest collection of achievements from this great Game. All food well-known for being good for your brain, There's no way anyone could ever be as cool as Liam. Subtly increases the brightness of character portraits to give them more life Christology and Communions: Expanded Christian Theology and Doctrines. So with the recent 1.1 patch, Paradox fixed matrilineal marriages for female dominated and preferred faiths, however they conveniently left out the equal part of marriage for equality doctrines. This flask has ULTRA-WHISKEY. Make an online poll to let the world decide who to kill! The vending machine doesn't want to give you your candy bar. But that grounding is necessary for jokes to work. [player name] dropped out of school years ago, [player name] appeared in last year's yearbook, Rumors say that [player name] was raised by a pack of wild art curators, [player name] is actually just a skeleton, They can tell the difference between theater and theatre, [player name] is the founder and head editor of Exotic Aquatics. Note: Child traits have no impact on which event set would get picked. Your rulers acting like they are normal commoners. This mod aims to make playing as any of the Norse cultures a little more unique and immersive. They CAN sleuth their way out of a paper bag! Scott! It's time for me to show you the secrets of yaoi intimately, You must perform a ceremonial sacrifice to the Japanese deities, Any succesful outcome + Go to prom with Liam, Use his account to post a bunch of porn and bomb recipes, Pay a million homeless people to follow Liam on Instagram, I'll dress up as Liam and give the best campaign speech, Pay a million people to vote for Liam for Prom King, Race to the airport to confess your feelings, Pay a million people to spell out "I'M SORRY", Toppings! We need to crossbreed her with a faster car, Pick Love Interest events: Second Term (1), Pick Love Interest events: Second Term (2), Removing money from banks makes them less evil, That giant, gelatinous, fifty-foot creature, Make lifelong friends with a diverse group of students. What if, instead of farmers, they were trains? It is only visible to you. The wild beast should be the new school mascot! (any misspelling=crash) blockade <provinceid> - Blockade province. Certain people (me included incase it wasn't obvious) dislike it because its like a distillation of everything they dislike about events. There are also events where you somehow end up in places you shouldn't be. CK3 Console Cheat Commands. If you're looking for aloe vera, why don't you just ask Vera? Takes place 15~30 days after the birthday. Please see the. I can't see who has given this guide one, but I want to let all of the award givers know that I really appreciate every single one of them. Age 6: Auto-assigns Education Focus matching the Childhood Trait. These numbers were correct as of the time of writing (April 1st 2020), they may change in future updates. The Extended Outliner mod helps you keep tracking pinned characters. If the belief has a female-dominated doctrine: it will be forced into a nuisance anyway, and underage children will join the woman's family and change their culture and beliefs. BOW BEFORE ME MORTALS. IT DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE, If you enable main mod [coat of arms fix], do not enable pa. Community Flavor Pack aims to add a lot of historical portrait accessories for your characters, filling the many cultural lacks of vanilla CKIII. But they really were a small part of the game, especially compared to CK3. Create a device to enhance your telepathic powers, Start a feud between FedEx and Amazon so they destroy each other. Only one of them (Bambuk) is controlled by Ghana. No update for this mod, because base mod "Ports on majors rivers" now compatible with "More Navigable Rivers 2". In order to enter these console commands, players need to open Crusader Kings 3 in debug . I enjoyed one chain which gave my ruler the nickname "the Meticulous", but can't remember for the life of mine what were the circumstances. Characters show their names, opinions, relations, and titles below. [player name] is the greatest team player I know. Obstacle course through a burning building. And even if it was, someone feeling good about being proclaimed doesn't exclude a sense of religious importance. Any succesful outcome + Go to prom with Zoe, You only buy your videogames once their prices have CHANGED. CK3 Cheats CK3 Innovation IDs CK3 Trait IDs CK3 Blog Enter the name of an event, or an event's ID, into the search box below to instantly filter our database of 2561 event codes. Set the building on fire and charge an exit fee, Trick everyone in the cafeteria to having an orgy, then film it. Health - Events that deal with health of characters Hedge knights - Events related to hedge knights Hunting - These events caused by the Grand Hunt decision. I enjoyed one chain which gave my ruler the nickname "the Meticulous", but can't remember for the life of mine what were the circumstances. You cant marry that plant - its already married! Community Choice Event Pack; 2022-12-06 - Dev diary #112 - Year in Review; 2022-11-22 - Dev diary #111 - 1.8.0 "Robe" Feature Highlight; Some of that is appropriate for a small tribal chief, but why are kings and emperors drinking in the village tavern, taking strolls through town, or getting their own food from the kitchen, among other things. They were rare enough that when you would see one it would actually get a chuckle, instead of having the meme events vastly outnumbering the serious ones. After its charred remains have been retrieved from a burning building. Just got the update working let me know if the mods fucked. Questions, Paradox If you truly want to try for a 4th Personality trait for your heir, you can plan your ruler's death with a massive stress spike (best done with Compassionate/Just ruler with Execute) or Suicide (best done with Ritual Suicide Tenet) when your primary heir is still very young. What if we got strangers to start drawing dozens of pictures of you? Secret behind [player name]'s eyes is communism! It pairs wel with seafood and blood, This robust malbec is an elegant way to mask the taste of poison, Immobilize Damien with the Lord's Prayer while Liam escapes, Dump all of Polly's food onto Liam's plate, Dump all of Liam's food onto Polly's plate. Don't eat it! You've got to be blamed for ruining an industry that was becoming obsolete, A job so hard to explain that not even YOU are sure why you're getting paid, It's to treat a wound! This mod changes the default gender succession law to agnatic, as opposed to male-preference. Liam, one lone voice simply cannot shut down this cafeteria Get ready for THE most hardcore, badass thing Want to get a dope party started? On my quest to find all the events and outcomes of the game I came across a lot of guides that were either incomplete, without event name, with mistakes or a combination of above. The prisoner is probably stinky because she's lonely! . Hire a hitman to kill every other crush they just mentioned. You sometimes aren't born in a way you truly feel like yourself, Produce a blockbuster that unexpectedly serves as a metaphor. Crusader Kings 2 Event IDs. Compatibility patch for More Religious Doctrines and More Faith Icons. Is it possible to get 4th trait as a player? Ill coach you in the mysterious ways of Tinder. If the guardian has a trait in an event set, a weight of +200% will be added. I only tell how I died on the third date, boo. Damien's just giving the vending machine a prostate exam! That glass jar of fresh human blood really goes with the parsley, Polly's, because she literally just made a pair of pajamas for a cat, If you fold the napkin like so, it creates a self-aware napkin, It is time to leave Vera alone and stop explaining napkin folds. Most serfs don't have thoughts or feelings! . After playing for around 150 hours in the British Isles as a norse pagan, i felt a little bit disappointed with the current cultures available and suddenly becoming the head of the Norse culture, because everyone in the world has converted definetely break -Undress and dress any adult character any time! Since not much is known about Anglo-Saxon Paganism, a few creative liberties were taken. Any succesful outcome + Go to prom with Liam, Polly or Scott, I LIKE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE 17 FEET TALL (probably? It's entitled "silverware-wear", This will take an army of homeless people we pay. Animals you kill may lose their lives but what about their afterlives? Damien! NOW also INCLUDING the new Royal Court DLC! Swallow the totem whole and keep it safe in your belly! This mod should work even if the launcher says otherwise. However, the options available are purely there for gameplay. Present them with an official form requesting a butt smelling? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. YES! Thousands of CK3 mods are available to download on Steam Workshop, and while many are still mid-development, they offer an easy way to spruce up your medieval statecraft with new challenges, quirky mechanics, or total conversions. Humor can be extremely effective in even in very dark settings, but without a baseline seriousness it's just pure comedy or even outright parody. Allow to select sins and virtues on faith creation. The event itself says the the character has a "heavy heart". Her royal status will give us diplomatic immunity, Music is all about waiting as long as possible to drop the bass, Turn into a vampire bat, bite them, give them rabies, To win at dodgeball you have to think like a ball, Weve been training for this our whole lives without knowing it, Act like the biggest crocodile predator in nature, A spell that will change the readers life, Heroically volunteer to take Liams place. Let's join the coven by being like the Coven! I think we're missing the REAL chemistry here Maybe knowing the allegiances could be the ultimate trick, I think I've stumbled upon the ultimate Vera shipping chart, Lunch events: Dahlia, Dmitri (Second Term). Bring everyone to tears with a mind-shattering guitar solo. Polly, you deserve othing less than pure, unadulterated spirit! If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Crusader Kings III. Mujie, what exactly is wrong about 445? I will not update it anymore. This simple mod renames "Hooks" to "Leverage". Any succesful outcome + Go to prom with Polly, I've done that one loads of times! Assigning a guardian to a 9 or 11-year-old child will change the chance from 10% for all sets to 18.75% for sets containing the guardian's trait, and 6.25% for the others. All rights reserved. Princes should be eating poisoned apples so that you'll kiss them, There are plenty of eligible princes on hotprincefinder. Fee die, Friends die, the self dies the same. [player name] has such good manners, they've wrapped around, Gilded shrimp tongs, delicately inlaid with diamonds and baby teeth, [player name] has a tattoo that says "DOWN WITH THE BOURGEOISIE". Feel free to make your own version of this mod if you feel so inclined, I won't be updating it anymore from here on. Like, feasts are a great place for comedy! Recently, I've been spending a little bit of time occasionally just creating hybrid cultures, genuinely one of the best things in the game, and created a Cuman and Russian hybrid. Vera's just being helpful! It's true, I swear! It counteracts the stated purpose of the whole game: roleplaying. I don't see the issue. But they really were a small part of the game, especially compared to CK3. 1. You and Univertica Junior are siblings!!!! I feel alive when doing something crazy outside my comfort zone, I feel alive when drinking this magic drink I made. *A little thank you note to thank you so much for the awards! [player name] is chess, [player name] has high quarterly earnings, Secret behind [player name]'s eyes is "The Secret!". Events that are clearly just modern attitudes, phrases or in-jokes. Please note that this decision will only appear if your capital is in the "Bactria Region" composing of Khorosan and the East half of Transoxiana. If the child already has 3 Personality traits, the chance to get a 4th Personality trait event on their birthday drops down to 5%, and disabled if there are already 4 traits. Get me a saddle and lets enter the race! CK3 Console Commands by Heleen April 20, 2022, 8:15 am Crusader Kings III is a great power videogame/kingdom simulation rooted in the 1400s, similar to its precursors Crusader Kingdoms and Crusader Kings II. Lets walk to the limits of reality, and then walk some more! Disables the skulduggery event that changes the parentage of characters. Triggers [edit | edit source] Scripted Triggers [edit | edit source]. AoW: Planetfall Cities: Skylines Crusader Kings 3 Empire of Sin Europa Universalis 4 Hearts of Iron 4 Imperator: . On one hand, having a Genius guardian can give them a better education outcome, BUT getting level 1 education is still possible given the education roll system. There are a lot of random events, even if not comparable with CK2 . This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Friends and rivals - Events concerning friends and rivals. There are 12 Personality events for kids not in jail, each of them gives the child 3 pre-set Personality options. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Ooh, Miranda, you should get a puppy serf! We need help from someone from the outside! VIET Events - A Flavor and Immersion Event Mod, Current Version: 1.8.3 "William of Ockham" (Released 1/31/23, Compatible with vanilla patch 1.8.X). Liam's right, Damien! Even with the event with the monk, it maintains a semi-serious tone throughout the event, aside from the last line which makes it incongruous with what has come before, and therefore breaks immersion. To enter these commands players must first open Crusader Kings 3 in debug mode and then access the console window by pressing the ~ key. Also, it increases the odds of the Fixes university education trigger. I have some Second Term Lunch events dialogues still missing and some of the Second Term skill checks and dialogues are missing as well. As a combination of the above there are events where someone else just randomly gets close to you, without any sense of having guards or other people around you. Paradox did an amazing job making the Anglo-Saxon culture feel distinct, all this mod does, is look to build on whats already there.

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