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He has a calm personality and his brothers often refer to him as a pretty scary individual, probably because they know exactly what he is capable of. He loves spending his free time watching anime, reading manga and doing all sorts of activities online. And I don't think it's a hallucination because Lucifer's line about "a human" seems a little too deliberate to just be a reference to the fairies and MC, for me at least. If youd like to know anything else about the game or want to share your friend ID, feel free to do so down in the comments section below! EDIT Forgot to mention the reason why I'd put him here anyway: In Obey Me, Lilith isn't Adam's first wife; she's an angel who falls in love with a human instead. Asmodeus is the Avatar of Lust and the 5th oldest among the seven demon brothers. How was she able to bring Levi human world presents of anime and manga characters when she's implied to have existed thousands of years before such things existed, that she's the deceased baby sister of the brothers, Taken to bigger extremes when it's revealed she became human and is the centuries-ago ancestor of the MC, Her ghost still hanging around the House of Lamentation is a pretty significant plot point in the latter half of season one, but it never gets truly resolved due to the, the MC arrives at Purgatory Hall with Belphie and Beel, The few times where there aren't any strings usually means things have hit the fan, He also just keeps calling himself the MC's "first". 754 Takers Personality Quiz. that's the quiz. At least until Lucifer told him to forget about Lilith. Luke is an angel who always speaks his mind. He is known for being quite vain and full of himself, which can come off as either endearing or annoying for some. Get Pocket Gamer tips, news & features in your inbox, Your sign up will be strictly used in accordance with our. Satan is the Avatar of Wrath and is the 4th oldest and physically the youngest among the seven demon brothers. Lucifer kept this a secret from the others as none of them were to visit the human Lilith ever again, and thought he alone should bear the burden of knowing that, Lilith, the first wife of Adam in Jewish mythology, and one of the first demons. The fun part is that there's no way of knowing unless the devs tell us! He's a glutton through and through - he loves food; every time he travels, he packs lots of food, and every and any of his dreams involves food. -Simeon: In one of the hard lesson (21 iirc) Dia and Simeon have a very vaguely foreboding conversation that gave me the impression that Simeon was a little older. Seriously, I wasnt!, "Henry, I talked to a human stranger today! He's smart, respectful, fun, and a really fun character to date. Of all the characters, Mammon is the most endearing and gives some heartwarming moments in the game. (read more, Jan 10, 8:51 AM by Aiimee | Discuss (4 comments), About KEEP READING:5 Great Dating Sims for Otome Isekai Fans. In the anime teaser reveal, the MC can be seen as a sheep sitting on the demon student council table surrounded by the demon brothers! Yet, Asmo is never malicious, and his vanity is generally harmless. Characters: Lucifer The perfectly flawless but malicious sadist. He loves sleeping, napping, and anything that doesn't involve a lot of activity - Belphegor, the Avatar of Sloth is one of the sweetest characters in the game thanks to his personality. Belphegors role in the story is one of the most important ones, as well as the saddest. His wanting revenge against humans has to do with their role in the death of Lilith, his younger sister. We know it doesn't follow the biblical timeline in which the war predates human creation. We, all contributors, are not employed under NTT Solmare nor are we NTT Solmare. Join the official Paradox Live MAL Club & celebrate the anime! Hes sometimes referred to as Lord Diavolo and has a butler named Barbatos. It is one of many dating simulation games from a dating sim brand called Shall We Date?Users can experience a story filled with a variety of characters. There isnt much to say. Much like Mammon, Asmo never loses control or tries to lash out at the MC for any reason. Awaiting you are 7 demon brothers and a mountain of tasks.?! Then there is Barbatos for whom age is probably quite literally just a number. Mobile dating sims have been all the rage lately, including the popular Obey Me! Cookie This event has ended. is a mobile otome game that will have an anime adaptation released this summer. He is the eldest of the seven demon brothers and presents himself as the Leader. As the game is ongoing, Satan is considered one of the more interesting brothers to watch and interact with. Diavolo is known as the prince of the Devildom and the future king. Levi is also one of the earliest demons the Main Character interacts with and befriends. There is only 1 rule you have to remember to survive Not much is known about Simeon, though he appears to get along well with everyone. Lucifer even attacks the Main Character a couple of times. A cursed goat tartare sandwich with cheese. In todays article I will give you a complete quiz walkthrough and help you answer all of the TSL questions correctly, so that youll get a perfect score. Its just cute boys doing cute things and I think that it was the right thing to do. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/ObeyMeOneMasterToRuleThemAll. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Explore. Help improve our database by adding an opening theme. So, right now in the manga, numbers 1-15 are 16 years old while numbers 16-20 are still 15. Shall We Date? Barbatos says contact with Devildom air will only make her condition worse, so Lucifer swears his allegiance to Diavolo so that the Demon King's son may save her, Her brothers believed her to have been killed in the Great Celestial War, all except Lucifer, who arrived with her in the Devildom and begged Diavolo for his help. Deanna Nguyen is a writer and editor with several years of experience in content creation and editorial management for print and digital publications. Belphie is pretty straightforward and also a little rebellious, not accepting orders from pretty much anyone, especially from Diavolo. The brothers are in order of who is the most powerful, not by their age. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. They even have two twin stars in the sky named after them. Because there was enough time to only save one of his siblings, he ended up choosing Belphegor. Who is the youngest character in Obey Me? He's obsessive when it comes to things he loves, like Ruri-chan and "The Tale of the Seven Lords." This also happens when you reveal during a tense moment that you have secretly been associating with Belphegor. Hes also liked because of his comical interactions with Lucifer and his brotherly relationship with Luke, a younger angel. Yet he also desires friendship and enjoys the idea of love and friendship as he sees in anime, especially with the Main Character. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. It does a good job promoting the game too, however, for people who haven't played or heard of the game before. Unlike most of his brothers, he is kind to the MC and curious about the human exchange program from the very beginning. In the Obey Me! Beel has a strong, silent disposition, but quickly proves to be a gentle giant. And you probably don't get the position as general as a newbie either, so I imagine him to be quite old as well. Uuuh. Diavolos eager personality also endears fans as he partakes in the fun adventures with Lucifers brothers. How did she end up with her human lover if she was reborn? games already. First is the Lord of, The sixth lord is the Lord of Flies. Obey Me! Secondly, Craig Tucker, Stan Marsh and Tweak Tweak have the same estimated weights of 80 lbs. . Interesting to see that Bakugou is the oldest, also weird to imagine that Shouji is the youngest ! As for how old is he, I only remember Lucifer mentioning he's 5000+ years old, so Satan is younger than that at least, but we don't have any set/canon ages (as of now). By season 3, hes significantly warmed up to all the demon characters, though he never really sheds his snarky ways. obey me characters oldest to youngestdcs vsn mods Here you can express your love towards the game. So I dunno, require more information. Obey Me! the only canon age is Luke. Actually he's the only one out of the seven brothers (and Lilith) who was born as a demon, and wasn't an angel formely. You regularly get text messages and phone calls from the charming. obey me characters oldest to youngest. Belphie is the Avatar of Sloth, so can typically be found napping or stargazing. 6/10 overall, 7/10 for enjoyment :). Demons work differently than humans and maybe, whom they are is a spirit rather the physical body we see them as? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, the other hot side characters that were only shown in ep 12 !!). The seven brothers are fallen angels, all representing one of the seven deadly sins, as listed below. They all embody one of the seven deadly sins, and each has a unique appearance and specific traits that make them more (or less) desirable, depending on how much you learn about them. (Maybe about 5-7) in human years if I had to guess since hes roughly 10-12 years old when we see him. Like his other brothers, he ends up making a pact and falling for the MC. One of my biggest mistakes though is looking at the actual Bible for most of the answers because there is some stuff thats similar but its not completely parallel to the game. Lucifer's reputation and popularity keep the human MC safe from other demons during the exchange program. I agree with your order!! Because if satan born from lucifer's wrath, and lucifer's wrath was when he is angry to their father (when their father giving punishment to lilith), then satan is younger than lilith? Belphegor has an obvious dark side, but he learns to love the Main Character and strengthens his relationships with his brothers. Beel feels a need to protect and look after the MC, both before and after making a pact. Obey Me Satan Birthday: October 20 Star sign: Libra Race: Demon Likes: Beautiful things Dislikes: Lucifer Sin: Wrath Satan is the cynical fourth-born and avatar of wrath, whose smiles are nothing but an act. His flirtatious personality can make it difficult to tell whether his compliments are genuine or not; however, Asmo falls deeply for the MC and wants them to himself. Support us on Patreon. "Oh, credit card CREDIT CARD, BABY! I thought mammon always said that he was the older brother to levi. When viewed behind the scenes, the members of this family are more lovableand laughablethan they first seem! fans). Hopefully they dedicate an event or the next season on giving us more info. The game has garnered so much popularity that it recently released an anime of the same name, streaming right here on Funimation! RELATED: 10 Anime Heroes Who Aren't Morning PeopleThe games lore reveals that Belphegors hatred of humans stems from losing his sister, whom he blamed on humans due to her love for them. NightGirlCat. When looking for a cuddle buddy, he's the demon brother you turn to. Belphegor is the Avatar of Sloth and is the youngest and 7th sibling among the seven demon brothers. Diavolo treats the Main Character kindly and is a wonderful friend to Lucifer. storyline, themain character (MC) is a human exchange student who is sent to the Devildom to help strengthen the bonds between the Devildom, Human and Celestial Realms. Levi is also one of the earliest demons the Main Character interacts with and befriends. He often argues with Lucifer, and is able to remain calm most of the time except around Lucifer (whom he has issues with). He is the Avatar of Pride. He also takes advantage of Diavolos video project to film a romantic scene with you. MyAnimeList.net is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. Or no? Obey Me! However, being avatars of the seven deadly sins, their behaviors often tend toward the extreme. There is only 1 rule you have to remember to survive. first released an English version in December 2019 before launching a Japan server in 2020. If you're a fan of the genre, we have a neatly organised list of the best mobile otome games. Since youre here, I am sure you already know what the game is about, and I still cant decide which is better between Lucifer and Mammon, because theyre both amazing (dont you think so?). Becomes clearer in chapter 15 of the main story. trying to kill the protagonist moments before. 4 Leviathan. From all the stories we have heard of him, they always talked about him like the "new up and coming" angel, who would be really great once he has grown up one day. Here you can express your love towards the game. The president of RAD, and Lucifer's direct superior. In his page said that he's the youngest of the family, is it mean that he's younger than lilith? There also are not a lot of legends surrounding him, so all together, he seems like there is quite an age gap between him and Levi/Asmo. is all about. Levi. Dont they say that Mammon is the second brother throughout the game series though? From all the information I have gathered so far, for the brothers, it seems something like this: Asmodeus. Simeon is considered an ideal boyfriend since hes nice, talented, and noted to be an excellent cook and baker.

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