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When I ask if his best friend ever took LSD, Romero says, Yeah. The discovery of Lavignes and Dumas bodies also raised hard questions for local law enforcement in Fayetteville, which may be home to Fort Bragg, the largest Army base in the U.S., but remains a relatively small Southern town, whose red-brick historical center, built around a white clock tower, quickly gives way to the strip-mall sprawl of discount supermarkets, hamburger drive-throughs, gun stores, and Baptist churches. Sens. Dumas had been arrested numerous times in North Carolina on charges ranging from making terroristic threats to impersonating a cop, yet had never been prosecuted. Read About All Possible Detoxing Options HERE. When Marky would spiral was when he drank too much. He would turn to his wife and say things like, You know Im a bad person, right? What followed has never been adequately explained. That last part wasnt true, it later emerged. Billy seemed to have ideals that matched mine. People who knew him tell me that in life, he fit a certain kind of American archetype: the wannabe special-forces guy, a fake operator who, in order to impress people or intimidate them, passed himself off as an ex-commando. He expressed political disagreements with Leshikar, who was of the opinion that the United States ought to nuke the Middle East and be done with it. Finally, one womans face lights up. The Army is failing to keep soldiers combat-ready, and this is evidenced by the militarys own medical surveillance system. Thomas Renz reveals the DoD whistleblowers. Sometimes when I would walk into Billys house, it was just everywhere., She personally observed, on two or three occasions, the same four guys cutting up and snorting lines of white powder. Learn What NESARA/GESARA is HERE. . That broke me, Romero says. She and her whole family had gone into the back bedroom to hide. The cause of death is currently under investigation . Cloaked in secrecy and sloshing with money, JSOC has operational control over the most elite commando units of each of the major service branches, including the Navys SEAL Team 6 and the Armys Delta Force, which it uses to carry out the nations most politically risky, no-fail missions, like the killing of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the emir of the Islamic State, in 2019. Taking part in and witnessing violence, being away from home for long periods of time, and disillusionment with the mission can put special operators at heightened risk, Donati says, of divorce, alcoholism, substance abuse, and anger issues. Out of the 83 sudden and unexpected fatalities, eleven of them were determined to be from natural causes. On March 28th, the Fayetteville police responded to an incident in which he was suspected of shooting into an occupied dwelling. In the few photos of Delta Force that exist in the public domain, their faces are blurred or blacked out, their identities classified. . He made it a point to choose guys who played musical instruments or painted. Aside from suicide, overdose and complications from drug abuse including steroids was the leading cause of death. Did he have demons? On August 3, 2022, after a protracted struggle with a rare lung condition, our beloved Rainbird left her mortal body to become one with the universe again. In January of 2021, Army captain Robert Latham died suddenly of an apparent heart attack. The 32-year-old was previously in top physical condition. The Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) is used to detect surges of injury and illness in the military to make sure that all individuals are combat ready. From outward appearances, the two men simply lost their minds. This data emerged amid increasing awareness of rising rates of drug use notably of cocaine and steroids in the Special Operations Forces. In March 2018, Mark and Laura Leshikar took their daughter to Disney World to celebrate her fifth birthday. He was never booked, photographed, or taken before a magistrate for a bond hearing. We love helping others and believe thats one of the reasons we are chosen as Ambassadors of the Kingdom, to serve Gods children. Thirteen killed themselves. December 31, 2022 (85 years old) View obituary Wayne Richard Swanson December 25, 2022 (78 years old) View obituary William Schroeder Mertle December 23, 2022 (80 years old) View obituary Patricia Ann Menzies October 26, 2022 (82 years old) View obituary Peter Charles Paskos November 20, 2022 (87 years old) View obituary Norma Edith Wright Greene Fort Bragg stops reporting soldier deaths after dozens found dead in their bunks An investigative reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine, Seth Harp, has been looking into this medical anomaly. A soldier pronounced dead at the hospital after being found unresponsive in a parked vehicle on Fort Bragg on Friday was identified as Maj. Eric "Adam" Ewoldsen, according to a statement from. Harpwrote: Fort Bragg soldiers have been turning up unresponsive in their barracks on a disturbingly regular basis since the beginning of 2020, including Caleb Smither, Terrance Salazar, Jamie Boger, Joshua Diamond, Matthew Disney, Mikel Rubino, Michael Hamilton, and numerous others who have not been named.. Billy Lavigne joined the Army right out of high school, in February 2001, to get free corrective eye surgery and money for a new dirt bike. Lavigne, too, managed to escape prosecution on multiple occasions, though he had been suspected of felonies that included harboring an escapee, maintaining a vehicle or dwelling to manufacture a controlled substance, and even murder. Not only was he a decorated Green Beret with dozens of badges and patches and medals from 14 different deployments, he was also a member of Delta Force, the most elite military unit in the United States. Multiple people who knew Lavigne tell me that he regularly snorted cocaine, took MDMA, popped pills, and drank heavily. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Trial dates for the soldiers vary, beginning on May 31 for Becerra and ending with Cochell's trial, which is scheduled for Sept. 26 to 29. Im a monster. During the eight-hour drive back to North Carolina, Laura split off to take her sister to the airport in Raleigh. And Rolling Stone covers a "staggering" number of soldier overdose deaths in Fort Bragg. Fentanyl Involvement as a Proportion of Deaths Across Substance Groups, 2017-2021. It went from being very rarely used to becoming, in the post-9/11 era, an organization that was running a dozen missions a night around the world., Those missions often take place in failed states or amid frozen conflicts where the United States has no acknowledged presence, and American soldiers operate in a grey zone where morality and ethics are in the eye of the beholder, and everything goes so long as the mission is accomplished and your tactics arent known to the public or explicitly to the higher-ups, as one former Green Beret writes me from federal prison, where he is doing time for smuggling 50 kilos of cocaine into Florida on a military aircraft. The same is true in the case of a young Ohioan, a Green Beret candidate, who in March was found unresponsive in his barracks. And when my daddy looked up, I could see he wasnt there anymore.. The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time An investigative reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine, Seth Harp, has been looking into this medical anomaly. He was a very hostile individual, says a detective who used to rent a house from Dumas. In just18 months, Fort Bragg lost over 80 soldiers from sudden and unexplained causes. The last person to have seen him alive that I could identify is a woman named Jessie Marie Patino, a tattoo artist and junkyard mechanic. Fort Bragg stops reporting soldier deaths after dozens found dead in their bunks. JANET BARON OBITUARY. The police came and he was arrested in possession of cocaine, a digital scale, a crack pipe, a revolver, a hunting rifle, a snub-nosed pistol, and a pump-action shotgun. Copyright 2023 Penske Business Media, LLC. Thomas Renz reveals the DoD whistleblowers, Digital Tyranny: Beware of the Governments Push for a Digital Currency, WISDOM FROM PSALM 30-31 & PROVERBS 20: FOR THE LORD PRESERVETH THE FAITHFUL (Video). He didnt respond, she says. With multiple police pistols pointed at him and officers shouting at him to drop the gun, Lewis raised his weapon and shot himself in the forehead. I dont know any soldier who has done the tours he had done that doesnt., That was certainly the case with Lavigne. The Military Health System began administering the spike protein mRNA vaccine to military service members on December 14, 2020. Leshikars killing was ruled a justifiable homicide, but Swain declines to say on what grounds investigators came to that conclusion. Any income made by this site is reinvested back into STN. He went out and bought a dress in his size, says Laura. Hearing her father call her name, she went and let him inside. The modus operandi that investigators have shown in these cases is to shut out the public, decline to answer questions, apprehend no perpetrators. I think Billy was dealing with his own demons, she says. Nor would the base discuss the perplexing incidence of young men turning up unresponsive in their bunks, such as 19-year-old Caleb Smither, whose body was so decomposed when they found him that he couldnt have an open-casket funeral. He was arrested for a final time on September 17th, in Fayetteville, this time on a prostitution charge. Image in illustration by Alamy. Tammy Mabey, Leshikars mom, had spent 18 years in law enforcement, working as a dispatcher, a jailer, and a patrolwoman in California, Idaho, and Nevada. I thought it was guns because he would talk about all the parts he had access to, and all the guns he could get., At the time, Ballard had recently left the Navy and had yet to join the police or become a detective. No way., Romero knows one of the other paratroopers who was on the camping trip. He called me and said, Mom, Ive got a gun to my head. Most immediately, though, the discovery of Lavignes body represented a problem for the leadership at Fort Bragg. Doctor: if You Have Toenail Fungus, Do This Immediately (Genius!) The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time CID rejects any notion that anything but a complete and unbiased investigation was conducted, Grey says. We have not ruled anything in or out as the investigation continues.. Congress, on the hand, is concerned with renaming Fort Bragg. By Seth Harp September 29, 2022 Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images Congress has finally taken notice of an unprecedented wave of fatalities at Fort Bragg, some 17 months after Rolling Stone. At no time during that interaction did they mention a missing person, a spokesman for the National Park Service told ABC11. Absolutely. This video is from theIn Search of Truth channel on The two were found dead on the same day in June 2021, just two weeks after airborne master sergeant Martin Acevedo III was caught trafficking cocaine. Watch the video below as Atty. We are far from the flagpole and are expected to be incorruptible.. On a half dozen occasions since 2014, a Navy SEAL or a Green Beret has pleaded guilty to heavy-duty narcotics charges. . The news outlet in early September reported that a total of 109 soldiers assigned to Fort Bragg in North Carolina, active and reserve, died in 2020 and 2021 from drug overdoses. For the latest update on stopping the mandates in the military, read Liberty Councils updates on the Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin case. Could there be a serious drug problem going on at Fort Bragg? More generally, how many active duty service members had traces of misused prescription medication or illicit drugs in their system at the time of death? Since then, the military has administered more than 6.4 million doses, fully inoculating 90.1percent of active-duty service members with the two-dose protocol. He kind of represented himself as an SF operator, she says, though he was just a logistics guy. T I did not get the impression that he was joking. Tier 1 operators have ascended so high in the lethal bureaucracy that they no longer exist. According to military records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, a hard-to-believe 105 soldiers assigned to the base died stateside in 2020 and 2021. Follow Conspiracy Music Guru Here. He was still a very active, decorated soldier.. Lloyd Austin, citing, Senators Press Pentagon for Answers on Rash of Overdose Deaths, Pentagon Finally Stops Hiding Military Overdose Epidemic, These Kids Are Dying Inside the Overdose Crisis Sweeping Fort Bragg, DeSantis Disney Appointee Said Tap Water Might Be Turning People Gay, He Believes Hitler Went to Heaven and Wants to Take Over the Lutheran Church, Trump, Jan. 6 Prisoners Collaborate on Cringe, Alex Murdaugh Juror Says Cellphone Video, 'Big Liar' Testimony Led to Guilty Verdict, The National Stay Up Late to Perform 'Tropic Morning News' on Fallon, David Lindley, Multi-Instrumentalist Who Shaped the Sound of Soft Rock, Dead at 78, How Deem Spencer Learned to be Vulnerable on His New Album adultSW!M. The military continues to be assaulted by mandates that harm soldiers physically and mentally. Why is Fort Bragg less safe than it was before the mask, testing and vaccine mandates? Click a Banner Below to Get Started, ~Everything on this site should be considered as entertainment ONLY, nothing else!~. In January 2022, attorneys Thomas Renz and Leigh Dundas retrieved the DMED data from military whistleblowers, Drs. (Video), COVER UP: DOJ Decided Against Having FBI Agents Monitor Search by Bidens Personal Lawyers For Classified Documents, Atty. Army authorities wont disclose the total number of soldiers stationed there who died in 2020, but Lavigne was one of a spate of homicides and suicides that brought the tally up to at least 44, pushing Fort Bragg to a decisive first-place finish in a race no one wanted to win. You can clearly see the moment a small black hole appears in the sheetrock, blowing out a cone of gypsum powder. Estella called the Fayetteville police, who filed an incident report. Rolling Stone published a detailed report last April identifying dozens of deaths at Fort Bragg, including homicides, suicides, and soldiers found "unresponsive" in their barracks and homes. Only his severed head had been found. This May will be that investigations one-year mark, and no suspects have been identified. They might have spent a hundred days where they did 40 raids, and in 15 of the raids they were within 10 yards of a breach explosion. Latner, David Arno Fort Bragg, CA . William Edward Lemos June 2, 2022 (72 years old) The military continues to be assaulted by mandates that harm soldiers physically and mentally. She sent him a text message and agreed to hear him out on condition they meet at Leshikars grave site. At age 37, William Billy Lavigne II was a true Tier 1 operator, a master sergeant on the Armys most selective and clandestine task force. They speak Spanish with a Caribbean accent and dont know any Timothy Dumas. It was late at night and she was out front smoking a cigarette.

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